You will be asked to pay immediately. After sending the reservation form, you will receive an automatic payment request within 5-30 minutes, containing a link to our secure server.
Some exceptions may take longer to respond.
If the payment is not made, the option will automatically expire after 4 days.
Also late bookings must be paid before arrival date. 

Your reservation is changeable free of charge as long as we have availability.

Tourism tax:
From 1 January 2015, the City of Bruges will be introducing a tourism tax of EUR 2 per person per night.
This tax relates to all tourist accommodation (hotels, guest houses, hostels,...) with the exception of holiday homes that are subject to a flat-rate tax. Children under 18 are exempt from the tax. If the accommodation is subject to VAT and opts to pass on the tourism tax to the customer as a separate expense, which is internationally customary, the tax will be increased with VAT (currently 6%).

Cancellation policy
If you cancel the reservation
  • more than 30 days preceding your check-in date, you pay 10 % of total amount.
  • more than 7 days preceding your check-in date, you pay 35 % of total amount.
  • more than 3 days preceding your check-in date, you pay 60 % of total amount.
  • more than 24 hours preceding your check-in date, you pay 85 % of total amount.
  • less than 24 hours preceding your check-in date, you pay total amount.
 No-show cancellation you pay 100 %.

Every person who enters the campsite, takes notice of these regulations. By entering the campsite, one consents with the regulations. The staff of the campsite has the right to oblige violators to leave the campsite.
Barbecues are permitted on the tent field only on the preserved place. They need to stand 40 cm above the ground and at a minimum distance of 1 m of flammable materials. Campfires are forbidden.
Do not throw hot coals in the dumpsters: fire hazard!
The camping place needs to be kept clean.
It is not allowed to leave bulky waste behind at the campsite. Domestic waste belongs in the residual waste bin, glass in the glass container, plastic bottles and cans in the PMD, paper and cardboard waste in the separate container.
Grass suffocating materials like plastic, ground cloths or braided mats are not allowed. If you still want to use a mat, you pay an extra amount of 4 euros per night.
Dogs are allowed and need to be kept on a leash. The defecation of the animals should happen outside the campsite.
Camping Memling holds peace and quiet in the highest regard. Music may not be heard by the neighbors. After 22.30h (10.30 pm) all noise and music is forbidden.
After 11 PM the barrier is closed for incomming vehicles.
There are showers and toilets in the sanitary block, please keep them clean.
The maximum speed on the campsite is 5 kms per hour.
People who do not reside on the campsite, are not allowed on the campsite.
All personal information is used only to process the reservation of a camping place.
Cameras are placed on several places of the campsite. These are put up for the safety of everybody. Every camper consents with the making of recordings. When problems arise, these recordings can be used as supportive material.