FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • Map of the campsite and bus information
  • How do we get to the center of Bruges?
    Camping Memling is about 3 kilometres from the centre.
    Exit the campsite to left, and head 800m straight until the end of the street. Turn right and then left, and then follow the main road 1200m straight until the city gates. Follow the Langestraat.
    By car: the cheapest parking is at the station.  
    Call a taxi on this number +32 487 132 103
  • Is there a connection with public transport to the centre of Bruges?
    At 400 metres of the campsite you can find the bus stop “Ter Lo”. Bus 11 goes to the railway station and the centre of Bruges (next stop). Watch our video or on our page directions to find more information about this bus connection .

    Before 8 P.M. bus 11 to the city:
    Exit the campsite right until the end of the street, turn right and then immediately left. 
    Bus stop ‘Ter Lo’ is on the right hand side.
    Timetable: Mo-Sat, Every 20 min from 7:08 am until 8:04 pm.
    Sunday service: 8:30 am until 12:30 pm every hour, and thereafter every 20 min.
    Get off at the station

    After 8 P.M. bus 91 to the city:
    Exit the campsite right until the end of the the street, turn right, and go straight for 100m.
    Take bus stop ‘Vossensteert’ on the opposite side.
    Timetable: Friday and Saturday, 8:28 until 2:28 am, every hour.
    Sun – Thurs, until 10:28 pm
    Return before 8 P.M. bus 11:
    Take bus 11 at ‘t Zand and get off at ‘Ter Lo’   
    Time table: Mo-Sat, every 20 minutes from 7:55 am until 7:55 pm.
    Sunday service: Take the bus at ‘t Zand every hour from 7:56 .am until 12:55 pm,
    and then every 20 minutes from 1:36 pm.

    Return after 8 P.M. bus 91:
    Take bus 91 at 't Zand and mention Camping Memling, bus stop ‘Ter Lo’ or ‘Vossensteert’ to the driver.
    Time table: Friday and Saturday from 8:10 pm every hour until 2:10 am
    Sun – Thurs, until 10:10 pm.

    Tickets for 10 rides, for sale in gas station Total. Closed on Sundays and holidays.
    It is possible to pay on the bus for single ride tickets.
  • Is it necessary to make reservations for a camping pitch?
    If you want to be assured of a camping pitch, we advise you to make reservations before you arrive. This is especially recommended for the months of July and August and the period around Ascension and Pentecost. You can book a pitch only by way of our online reservation form.

    Reservation is of course not compulsory, but Camping Memling is provided with only 90 pitches and there are few other campsites in the surroundings.
  • How do I book a camping pitch?
    Go to our online reservation form and fill this out carefully adding your personal data, period of stay, and choice of pitch. After receiving your request we will contact you as soon as possible with a payment request.
  • How can I change or cancel my booking? Is there a fee due to my changes or cancellation?
    Changing your reservation is free to 1 day before your arrival. After receiving your email with your reservation number and your new data, and if pitches are still available, we will send you a new confirmation. Cancelling your booking is also possible. For more information see our cancellation policy.
  • Which service is offered by the self check-in?
    The self check-in offers the following:
    • - Check-in without reservation
    Choose a pitch, fill in your data, pay with your card and pin code, and print your barrier ticket.
    • - Check-in with a reservation.
    * You can print your barrier ticket with your reservation number, which is mentioned in your email.
    * Extend your stay before 11a.m.
    • - Choose another pitch when you are checked in
    Fill in your reservation number, go to the map with camping pitches and verify whether your preferred pitch is available (marked in green). Then choose your new pitch.
  • At what time is the checkout? Can I stay longer?
    The checkout is from 7 a.m to 11:30 a.m.
    Extend as soon as possible because your pitch can be reserved:
    - for extra hours, contact the reception before 11:30 a.m. (€1/h, 6 hours maximum). In high season maximum 4 hours, if the availability allows.
    - for extra nights, extend your stay with your reservation number (see ticket) at the self-check-in, at latest 11:00 am.           
  • Is there access to a WiFi network on the campsite?
    We offer free internet access. 
    We will send you the password by email.
  • Is there a possibility to wash and dry my clothes on the campsite?
    There is a washing machine and dryer available. The price for washing is 5x1 euro, for drying 0,50 euro per 10 minutes. Coins of 1 euro and 50 eurocents can be obtained at the changing machine.
  • How many amps are offered by the power supply?
    All spots have electric hook-ups with 6 amps as standard, but, you can ask for more power in the reception.
    Maximum consumption included in the price is 5000 watts per day, heating with electricity is not possible.
    Please use a low energy kettle or cook with gas if you need hot water.
    An increase in power will not be available during very hot or cold weather.
  • Are barbecues allowed on the campsite?
    Barbecues are allowed on the pitches for caravans and motorhomes if the minimum height is 40 cm.
    On the tent field you are only allowed to grill on the designated BBQ-area.
  • May I use a ground mat?
    Covering grass in a suffocating material like plastic or root cloth or even a perforated mat is not allowed.
  • Are there additional costs for the use of the showers and other sanitary facilities?
    No, the use of the sanitary facilities is fully included in the camping price. There is also toilet paper available.
  • Can I take my dog to the campsite?
    Dogs are welcome at Camping Memling provided that they are kept on a leash. They can only be walked outside of the campsite. The neighbouring forest is easily accessible by way of the campsite and is open from 9:00 hours until sunset.

    The nearest vet is Piet Delaender and can be reached via piet.delaender@skynet.be or by telephone on +32 (0) 50 37 31 33.
  • How do I dispose of my garbage?
    Several waste containers are situated to the right side of the barrier, at the exit of the campsite. There is one for PMC-waste (plastic bottles, metal cans and drink cartons), one for household waste, one for glass and one for paper.
    It is prohibited to use the camper service between 10 P.M. and 8 A.M
  • What are the emergency numbers?
    Emergency: Ambulance, Police, Fire fighter call 112
    NON- Emergency: Doctor +32 50 35 33 55 (Vossensteert 180). Doctor on duty, call 1733, mention the postcode 8310.
    Pharmacist at Maalse Steenweg 319. Pharmacist on call www.apotheek.be 
  • Are there shops and a bank in the neighbourhood?
    At 500 metres there are several supermarkets. At 700 metres you can find a bank.  You can find more information about shops on activities in the immediate vicinity and on the map at the entrance of the campsite.
  • I cannot find my question on this page. What can I do?
    Ask us your question directly by way of our contact form. We will send you an answer as soon as possible.